AAYNE – Reflections you can’t see | Visual Poetry – Docu-Fiction |

AAYNE – Reflections you can’t see, is a Docu-Fiction with Visual Poetry in Hindi showcasing the connection of emotions with colors.

It shows the imaginary journey of two interviewees who blend in the poetry told to them by a blind teacher while they go to interview them.it showcases their emotions that they connect with colours as the blind people do because they obviously cant see them. It is meant to inspire people to donate eyes in order to eradicate blindness from the world and also, take inspiration from these people.

This Film is made by two 17 year olds with the help of a few friends to spread awareness about blindness and inspire people to think of eye donation as a priority.

Direction and Cinematography: Daksh Chadha
Screenplay and Writing: Gaurav Kotecha
Poem by: Gaurav Kotecha
Starring: Prachee Arya & Gaurav Kotecha
Narration: Simran Singh & Siddharth Gupta
Crew: Siddharth Gupta & Abha Karira

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