Black mirror 2 is a journey of a boy who entries in such a world, where there is no exit. The circumstances left no choice for him to become a murderer. Rano belongs to a very poor family, where his mother handles home and his father who is useless and alcoholic earns nothing except he is liability on them, his younger sister who does not know much about life in which they stay. Till now everything was tolerable until, when his father bought 2 men for raping his mother, only for the sake of money for satisfying his thirsty drunken throat. From there the circumstances starts to change. Due to this Rano gets angry and kills his own father without thinking. But no one knows and no one will ever know. Now as there is no earning, his mother has no option rather then to become a prostitute as per

Director: Adi Burman

Producer : Arun Kumar Sharma

Writer : Adi Burman

Key Cast : Yusuf Qasmi, Sheetal, Sharayu nirbhavane, Bhairav, Subroto mukherjee

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