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When Kamal Parmar, a former welder and garage owner from Bhudarpura, Ahemdabad, realized that a few students from Government school couldn’t even read the question paper, they aren’t getting standard education as per their thriving age, he decided to take the initiative of giving free-education with standard education to the children from the economically wicker section. He passed the mantle of his garage to his sons and devoted himself completely to his dream; a school at road side. He realized – we can generate money but if the time passes by we couldn’t shape the young minds toward a bright future. He built up his own institution of learning things, he asked his disciplines to read the chapter and make questions by their own as the motive of questions is to make sure the students have understood the chapter precisely. Soon he started serving meals to the children. He never gave up on his dream, when the chips were down, for the sake of beautiful faces he sees every day that re-kindle hope and courage.

Foothpath School – an umbrella to underprivileged children for healthy environment of education. Kamalesh established the school with love and care between each discipline to build trust and acknowledgement of the importance of education in their lives. With the inclusion of meal served on the table to every child he granted them healthy body and the stationery items to not to lack in rudimentary necessities for their education.

His great work brought down the Chairman of Municipal School Board to have his opinion on where the governmental education system is lacking to produce fruitful result as him. Rihaan Patel bound the inspiring story of Mr. Kamal in his entrancing documentary. The film is an exemplary of motivator and mentor leading the young mind of our country.

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