Interview with Agnes Vialleton (Filmmaker)

Is your film ‘Le Grand Jeu’ based upon a true story? What inspired you to make this film?

“Le grand jeu” is my first film. It’s not based upon a true story. I was looking for an unusual subject with only two characters. I received an image of two men in theatrical costume in a cemetery. With this vision, I had the world of my story. A baroque universe where opposites mingle harmoniously : the real and the illusory, the grotesque and the sublime, the reality and the fiction.

Then, after a long work, I understood the things I wanted to talk. First, difficulty leaving childhood and especially this obligation by becoming adult, to renounce innocence, to dream, to play.

Two brothers that life has separated, invented a rite to celebrate the memory of the mother but also, this is the only time where they can spend time together.

What were the emotions of the two actors to portray the strong bond between two brothers and their everlasting love to their late mother?

The two actors have a very different nature. They didn’t know one another before the film and after they became friends. In the first part of the film, they have to act to show how the two brothers are different and express the palpable uneasiness between us.

When they act out the play, I wanted to see two child. It’s only at the end that emotions can get out. They were touched by the story, everybody has a mother.

Did the story transform you anyway?

The film set in at the country during 4 days. It’s a low budget. We lived together actors and technicians, 24 hours on 24 and this experience has forged strong ties between us.

How did you come across Whatashort and What you have to say about us / the online platform?

I ‘m very glad to be selected first at Whatashort. I am very honored to be awarded with my film. Whatashort offer a good visibility for short films.

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