Interview with Dahol Otoide (Filmmaker, Writer)

Dahol Otoide is a 23 years old filmmaker from Toronto. He is also an actor, writer and producer in his upcoming short film project Meet Ronald. We got a chance to talk to him about his new project :

Tell us about yourself, how did you get into filmmaking?

As a young kid I used to love movies, I used to search up my favorite actors that appeared in my favorite films and TV shows, know their back story and read details about the process of creating the film or TV show to even the minor details. I started going to acting camp at the age of 11, where I attended summer classes for 2 years. During my pre-teens I got heavily into creative writing starting out with poetry/spoken word, raps and songwriting. Over the last few years I started content writing and screen writing. In 2015 I started a media brand – that covers fashion, sneakers, TV/Movies, music and more, I felt the way the digital landscape was moving it was leaning more towards visual content and I decided I wanted to make a short film and deliver more films under the Aviation umbrella.

Where did the idea of ‘Meet Ronald’ came from?

Late spring as I was thinking of ideas for our first short film, I was at work and my boss ordered tandoori chicken for the staff for lunch and me not being a real fan of spicy food it had me taking frequent trips to the washroom. A few months prior I starting dating my girlfriend and at the time not meeting each other parent’s just yet and I came up with the one of the most embarrassing experiences for a guy.

Describe the production experience, some details regarding the filmmaking process. I feel like every indie filmmaker is tight budgeted from the type of camera, crew, etc.

We shot the film over the course of 3 days at my buddy’s condo in Toronto where also was in video production and had us use his equipment. We had a small crew we had a director, cinematographer, video editor and the actors. I wanted to co-direct the project because I wrote and acted in the film I wanted to make sure it turned out the way I envisioned. The final budget was $900 CAD (with majority of it going towards post-production and music licensing).

A Still from the short film "Meet Ronald"

This being your first official project and you being so hands on, what have you learned?

I learned the steps it takes to make a film from the type of roles on set to make sure everything is on point, pre to post-production, time and money management especially because I funded this myself. It’s different from seeing the process from a fly on the wall to actually experiencing it. It definitely gave more knowledge and insight moving onto my next film.

What upcoming projects are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on a project based around millennials (my generation) and how social media has consumed our lives. I want to release it mid/late December.

How did you come across Whatashort and What you have to say about us / the online platform?

I came across Whatashort through a Google search. I like Whatashort and what it has to offer to upcoming filmmakers from new to the experienced. It’s a platform to check out some pretty cool people in world of filmmaking as well as their flicks you may not came across if it wasn’t for Whatashort.


Thank you Dahol for your time! Check out Meet Ronald now streaming on Amazon/Amazon Prime and Vimeo.

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