Interview with Yogesh Sharma (Filmmaker)

We got a chance to interview Mr. Yogesh Sharma – An award winning filmmaker and editor from Mumbai. He has edited hundreds of TV Serials, Ad Films, Music Albums & dozens of feature films including a couple of International Projects in last 15 years. He is also a founder and Managing Director of ‘9D Academy

How did you decide to come into filmmaking? How it’s all started actually?

Right from childhood I had a passion to become a Director, Not just a Director but one of the best Directors in Bollywood and Hollywood. I used to see a lot of Hollywood movies, especially films by Spielberg, Hitchcock and Stephen Kings and now I love Christopher Nolan movies, and in Indian cinema I was inspired by Mukul S. Anand and Vishal Bharadwaj. But the truth is I wanted fame for myself which attracted me towards silver screen.

I went through all your films, I found mostly two genres Horror & Thriller. Is there any special attraction towards these genres?

Yes most of my films are Thrillers, but yes I have also made a few films like Euthanasia (Drama/Emotional), Jhol Jhal ( Comedy) and Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai ( Narrative Drama) which are far from thrill and horror. I love to try different genres. But I agree most of my films are Horror and Thrillers, the main reason behind this is I always want to make something which can keep a viewer connected till the end. Short films are of just 10, 15 or may be upto 30 minutes, and actually your film should connect within the starting 5 minutes of the film or a viewer won’t watch it till the end.

If there is one thing you want to bring to make our film industry better, what would it be?

Indian technicians are much better than any other country’s technicians, the only problem we face is finance. If we make good cinema we have viewers to see them, but as everyone knows there is no market for short films, and we make them as we are passionate about making them. If we get a market which can buy our work we will make much better films then what we are making right now.

You are a Faculty of Editing at Xaviers Institute of Communications, also managing 9D Productions and also doing direction, production. How do you manage all these things together?

It’s just my passion towards filmmaking and teaching is like prayer for me… I love to share my knowledge with everyone. I just love to do all this at a time, actually never thought of it, that how I am managing it,, it just happens.

I believe social media is very important aspect in film promotion these days. How much do you find it useful for your films (if you use social media)

Yes it is, by the way I have only one source to promote my work, and it Social Media. So I think I don’t have much to say about it, as I totally rely on social media.

You are working since 1992, almost 20+ years in industry. According to you what makes a great short film? Are there any special qualities that makes a film better?

When I make a film I try to make it better than my previous one, and I try to do something different in every film. I make what I love to make and what I can narrate in a better ways and yes I try something which I have not done technically in any previous one… which I can give examples: 1. The Caller had only one man crew, I was the Cameraman, Editor, Writer, Director and sound Engineer. 2. Thomas Hawk : we used 4 camera setups and did multicam shoot first time in our film. 3. Euthanasia : I had never acted before but I tried my hands on Acting. 4. The Wait : I tried for a location at National Park, but they asked for 58000/- as location charges, Aarey colony 40000/- and many other places like Vasai fort etc.. So I decide to shoot it right in the middle of the city and show it like a jungle, with out using and type of VFX Every film of mine have such examples, so I try a lot of creative thing to make a good film, and I can try much more if I would have a budget to make good films great. But yes any film is great because of its concept.

What advice would you give to young aspiring filmmakers in filmmaking and keeping this passion alive?

I would say, if you love films and want to be a film maker, just go out and shoot. There is no good or bad films when it is been made, it becomes good or bad after its seen, so be very good to narrate your film in a very easy and beautiful manner to a viewer. Don’t complicate your work with too much of creativity. Don’t care what critics will say about the film, because its their work to criticize, may be for the betterment… Keep one thing in mind, when you make a short film, you are making it for your passion and not for boxoffice collection… so don’t even bother about critical analysis, you are giving your work for free, so make what you feel is good and what is realistic. Every film made is a master piece as to make film is a very big thing .. so go ahead and do it.

What are your favorite films and filmmakers?

Inception, Interstellar, John Wick, De ja vu, Back to the future, Terminal, Hachiko, Pretty Woman and many more favorite Film maker : Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Christopher Nolan,Raj kumar Hirani, Rohit Shetty and Vishal Bharadwaj.

What was the most important lesson you had learn in filmmaking?

Still learning, not yet qualified to answer this question. Yes one thing I learnt, at least in Bollywood,… You have to be focused. because people will follow you if you are successful and you will be forgotten if you fail in no time.

Is there a time when you get angry on sets while shooting? How do you over come that anger?

I never get angry on set… I am very focused on my work and keep my artists and technicians busy, so don’t get time to get angry…:)

Your son Dikshant is also an actor and directed few films with you. What kind of relation this duo shares on sets? Is it usually a director-actor or father-son relation?

Our relation on set is very much like Director and Actor…. He is not at all my son on my film set… he is just a character of my film..

It all starts with the script. Maybe not, but when do you know a script is ready to shoot, and what is your process of getting it there?

I come to know as soon as I read a script… and in short films the first thing I see is whether I can get the resources needed for the film, and if its in my reach I shoot it instantly. and yes Script plays the most important role.

Is there any new project you’re working on? If yes, tell us something about it.

I am trying to write a Romantic Comedy full length feature… but as I am not a writer its taking a lot of time… but soon I will write it. Other then that I am reading a few scripts from few of my friends from different countries… not sure but I will definitely start my new short soon. and maybe more then one film.

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