Phir Se Ramsay – Web Series Review

The Ramsays are back! Not with a movie or a tv show but web-series of their patented horror. It’s called ‘Phir Se Ramsay’

The first part of the series titled ‘Marna Mana Hai’ showcases a somewhat demented scientist who is experimenting on the aftermath of death. His wife is fed up of his obsession with dead people and pleads with him to behave normally. One day, he commits suicide. It’s then he realises there is indeed a life after death…

The nine minute episode is vintage Ramsay stuff with garish makeup and laughable VFX. But then, isn’t that what the Ramsay brand stands for? The bathtub scene actually reminded me of their film ‘Veerana’ (1988) where Vijayendra Ghatge shares the tub with witch Nakita (Kamal Roy).

Arif Zakaria as the mad scientist is perfectly cast. Vedita Pratap Singh is a good find and i am hoping she gets featured in subsequent episodes as well.

All in all, Ramsay fans should be happy. I only hope they up the horrex (horror + sex) quotient in the next episodes. This one fell a bit short in both. Looking forward…

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