Psycho Short film Review

Another erotic short by Shailendra Singh, that too just a week after ‘Sexaholic’. Quite fast that! Anyways, ‘Psycho’ explores the rare condition of chemical imbalance in brain which can make a person behave in a strange manner at times. It’s necessary to understand such a person and not label him crazy or mad advises director Singh at the end of the film. Seems he has a penchant to make a mini appearance in his movies quite like how showman Subhash Ghai did in his hey days.


Salma Sikander is a nice find and impresses in her lead role. That her co-actor (Anonymous shrieker) acts so horribly lousy helps her tremendously. Looking forward to seeing her in more films.
The production quality like ‘Sexaholic’, is A grade. Dialogues could have been better though. The climax reminded me of Sharon Stone’s ‘Basic Instinct’ where murders were committed in similar manner. How about trying out a full length feature film on lines of ‘Basic Instinct’, Mr Singh? Indian audiences are ready for it now…..

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