Sin’door – the shadow of red

The film presents a woman who tries hiding her blemishes, her cuts and bruises all over her face and body. She does so by pretending to go back to her normal life trying to forget the setbacks of her present life. Then there’s a flashback where she remembers the best moments of her life. She wakes up dreaming of two young strangers raping her. She realizes waking up traumatized that the reality is no better. Her husband goes against her will to get physically intimate with her.
This film depicts how a woman’s dignity is humiliated, displaying how rape is always rape irrespective of what the relationship is. Physical intimacy without the partners consent is a crime. Its not just the physical assault, it is the betrayal of very core of institution of marriage.
The film is for every woman who has been a silent victim of marital rape.

Shubham Basak

Sayan Bisawas

Key Cast
Natasha Chandra, Rangan Dey, Hiten mukherjee

Gaurub Ray, Hiten Mukherjee

Awards / Screenings
Woodpecker international film festival, New Delhi

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