O humdum suniyo re (Music Video)

In 2002 came a beautiful track composed by Sir A.R. Rahman “O Hum Dum Suniyo Re” in the movie “Saathiya”. We all loved it, played it n danced to it a zillion times and love it to date.. But didn’t we wish there was a music video on this song as its such a dance n catchy number? So here we bring you the First music video of the song ( a tribute rather). Shot at over 12 places across Delhi with a sweet n simple story woven in it. Sink urself in the romantic landscapes n architectural colors of Delhi and put on your dancing Shoes!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to our Parents/guru for encouraging us.

Directed By : Pranjal ( Associate Director – Ek Villian)
Edited By : Maanavi
D.O.P : Ravi
Starring : Abhimanyu and Ramya
Producer : Abhinav
Make up : Dimpy
Costumes : Sonal
Stills and making : Mohit
Choreography : Abhimanyu

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