The Boss Baby Film Review

Sibling rivalry just got bizarre!! A seven year old kid living a routine life with his parents is suddenly made to welcome a new member to the family. The infant is dressed like a corporate honcho with suit and tie and even carries a briefcase. More, he talks like an adult and has a hidden agenda of his own…

Quite a few sequences like the assembly line delivery of babies as well as the stopover at Las Vegas with those Elvis Presley lookalikes are hilariously presented. The animation is first grade and the 3D effect truly enhances the overall viewing experience.

Alec Baldwin voices the titular character in his own inimitable style. Miles Bakshi does a good job dubbing for his elder bro.

The Boss Baby is quirky and at times totally mad but it does deliver the laughs aplenty. Just leave your logic and reasoning skills at home, go to the cinemas with your kids and have a blast.

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