The Wives (Short Film) – Review

Director Jaydeep Sarkar’s latest short film for Actionaid India called ‘The Wives’ exposes the shocking reality existent in certain villages of India where a man has more than one wife just to fetch water from far away.

The 5 minute short starts with a middle aged man returning home to his 2 wives. One of them is his age and the younger one, visibly pregnant. He tells both of them that he is “remarrying again” only for their sake.

Next, the first wife tells the pregnant second that she felt as upset as her when the guy had brought in her as his second bride. She asks her ‘souten’ to accept the new bride in to the household.

The film concludes with the second wife allowing her daughter to go with her new ‘chhoti maa’ now assigned with the task to fetch water…

A Marathi song plays in the background making you wonder if the story is set in Maharashtra.

The film highlights two vital issues : One is the acute water shortage faced by most Indian villages even after 68 years of independence. Second and equally important is the sorry plight of women in rural India. Hope some NGOs take note and do their bit to address this issue (which the Government hasn’t so far). In that sense, this short film deserves a watch and share.

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