Trailer Review ‘Trapped Magic’ 2015

Magic makes you believe in unbelievable, helps you escape the dull & boring reality, opens up a world of fantasies and takes us to a land of the unknown and the unexpected. But what if these fantasies come alive and become our worst nightmare.

The latest trailer of the short film “Trapped Magic” tells one such tale, the story of a college student, Jack, who falls prey to a witch and her evil intentions. The trailer very cleverly conceals the real magic yet unveiling some bits of Jack’s worst nightmare where he has to run for his life, fight for his loved ones and find the right Talisman to defeat the darkness. Inspired from the myth of Sally the Dunstable witch and the bottled curse, this short film promises to be a treat for viewers who really dig for fantasy thrillers. The trailer looks intriguing as it leaves you questioning and asking for more. The first confrontation of the protagonist and the antagonist is very well depicted, as if it’s telling us that it’s just a start and there is a lot more to follow. The background score also compliments the theme of the film very well. The actors has played their part quite convincingly, especially the actor who plays the protagonist, Jack. A special mention for cinematography and direction is a must here as every frame is at par with any big Hollywood movie.

The interesting part is to see if the director, Heather Aspinall, would be able to keep it different from most feature and short films of the same genre. Will the magic trapped in “Trapped Magic” spell bind us? Fingers are crossed.

We also wish the team of the short film “Trapped Magic” all the best as it enters the Watersprite Film Festival in the coming year.

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